Subscribe & Save

If you use a product often, you can save money by setting up recurring orders at a frequency of up to 12 weeks.

Most repeat orders will receive 15% off the products in their order and 5% off the first order while some products have different rates set. Rates are available on the product page

Repeat order payments are automatically processed at the frequency set when setting up the initial order. If you want to merge subscriptions to save on postage or make changes, please contact us for assistance.

Not all payment methods are available for subscription orders, we cannot currently accept Afterpay on subscription orders.

Prices may fluctuate between orders, if there is a significant change in the price you will be notified via email. If the initial order was placed while a product was on sale, the sale price may not transfer over to the next subscription order.

If a product is discontinued from sale in the store, we will notify you before the end of the last subscription order.